DrugAlert provides timely medication-related advice direct to your inbox.


DrugAlert provides timely advice direct to your inbox and is based on information from drug manufacturers regarding critical changes to medication access such as the discontinuation, short supply or unavailability, recalls and other important drug-related information. See below to view the most recent volumes of DrugAlert.

Availability of Ergometrine Ampoules

DrugAlert Volume 422

Drug Availability HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice that Pfizer is experiencing a supply interruption for ergometrine ampoules as follows: DBL™ Ergometrine Injection Ergometrine maleate 500mcg/mL ARTG 58866 Supplies are expected to return to…

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Labelling Issue for Zincaps

DrugAlert Volume 421

Product Notification HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice of a potential labelling issue with Zincaps as below: Zincaps Capsules Zinc (as zinc sulfate monohydrate) 50mg ARTG 27995 Zincaps® contain zinc sulfate monohydrate 137.4mg which…

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Availability of Fentanyl Ampoules

Drugline Volume 420

HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice that all brands of fentanyl 100mcg/2mL ampoules are experiencing a supply interruption as follows: Product ARTG Expected Return Date Fentanyl GH 100mcg/2mL ampoule 201872 End September 2018 Aspen…

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Availability of Tracrium® Injection

DrugAlert Volume 419

Drug Availability HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice that Aspen Australia is experiencing a supply interruption for Tracrium® injection as follows: Tracrium® Injection Atracurium besilate 25mg/2.5mL ARTG 11008 Other brands of atracurium are also…

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Drug Recall for Clopine® Suspension

DrugAlert Volume 418

Drug Recall HPS Pharmacies wish to advise that Pfizer Australia, in consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has given notice of a product recall for Clopine® Suspension as follows: Clopine® Suspension Clozapine 50mg/mL…

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Availability Update of Heparin Sodium

DrugAlert Volume 417

Drug Availability Update Further to DrugAlert Volume 396, HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice that Pfizer Australia is continuing to experience a supply interruption for DBL™ Heparin Sodium as follows: Product ARTG Current Status DBL™…

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