We operate in consideration of GMP and SHPA practice standards.


HPS and its network of HPS Approved Pharmacies bring 30 years of specialist compounding knowledge and experience in treating patients, working collaboratively with clients and doctors to deliver tailored and effective compounding solutions to community and hospital patients.

We have access to over 4,560 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and 14,000 formulations to customise strengths, dosage forms, and flavours to meet each individual patient’s needs. Expert specialists staff our HPS Approved Pharmacies’ compounding facilities across Australia and are guided by principles of a comprehensive quality control program.

For further information or advice regarding treatment solutions, please contact [email protected], or complete the contact form and a friendly compounding pharmacist will contact you shortly.

Order Compounded Medication

You can order compounded medication from HPS’ approved pharmacy at HPS – Alexander Avenue in South Australia in a number of ways, including via:

  1. Phone on (08) 8193 9110
  2. Email at [email protected]
  3. Fax by downloading a Compounded Medicine Prescription Form – Humans and faxing it to (08) 8375 3570
  4. Post by sending your prescription to HPS – Compounding, Morgan House, 29 Alexander Avenue, Ashford SA 5035

All orders must be followed-up by posting the original prescription.

If you’d like to speak to one of our dedicated compounding pharmacists before submitting your order, please phone (08) 8193 9110.

Contact Our Compounding Team

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Specialist compounding knowledge and experience spanning 30 years across Australia.

What we do

Commercial Products

We are one of Australia’s leading pharmacy service providers to private hospitals and health facilities. Our long-term partnerships with preferred suppliers and wholesalers deliver significant value to our clients.

Tailored Compounding

Working collaboratively with doctors and healthcare teams, our specialist compounding pharmacists can tailor medication and delivery systems to optimise patient care.

Cytotoxic Compounding

HPS’ pharmacists have significant experience in preparing cytotoxic medicines through our network of HPS Approved Pharmacies. They understand the sensitivities involved with cancer patients and offer a tailored and responsive approach.

HPS’ network of Approved Pharmacies can assist you by providing compounded:

  • Specialised bases, strengths and applicators;
  • Alternatives to discontinued or temporarily out of stock products;
  • Bioidentical HRT;
  • Thyroid medications;
  • Local anaesthetic and bleaching creams;
  • Alternative treatments for psoriasis and eczema; and
  • Treatment options for oncology patients including mucositis products.

An extensive range of formulations are tailored to improve patient compliance, and include:

  • Capsules/modified release capsules;
  • Oral suspensions, solutions and mixtures;
  • Transdermal medications;
  • Ophthalmic/otic drops and solutions;
  • Suppositories; and
  • Troches.
  • Pessaries

Our compounding pharmacists can help you find treatment solutions for a variety of patient health issues, including when:

  • A commercial medication or product is in short supply, out of stock, discontinued, or is recalled by the manufacturer;
  • There is no commercial product available;
  • A product may need to be flavoured to optimise therapy;
  • To assist in the management of complex patient care;
  • A customised dosage, strength or form is required; and
  • There is a sensitivity or allergy.

Why use HPS' network of HPS Approved Pharmacies?

Efficient turn-around time

Flat $10 freight fee

Extensive range

Tailored support

Quality Control

On-site compounding facilities managed by HPS’ network of HPS Approved Pharmacies operate in consideration of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and SHPA practice standards. These standards outline the principles and procedures that must be maintained to ensure all products are manufactured safely and are consistently of the same high quality.

A robust internal Quality Improvement and Compliance framework regulates our network of HPS Approved Pharmacies’ compounding facilities and ensures products are prepared in accordance with best practice.

Furthermore, cleanrooms are regularly monitored and the sterility condition verified and validated via a series of microbial tests according to GMP principles, Annex 1, ISO 14644 standards, and USP <797> principles.

How to Order

We make ordering a medication simple via email, phone, post, or fax.

Call (08) 8193 9110 to speak with a compounding specialist, or fax you prescription to (08) 8375 3570

Mail your prescription marked attention HPS Compounding to Morgan House, 29 Alexander Avenue, Ashford SA 5035

Email a copy of your prescription to [email protected]