DrugAlert provides timely medication-related advice direct to your inbox.


DrugAlert provides timely advice direct to your inbox and is based on information from drug manufacturers regarding critical changes to medication access such as the discontinuation, short supply or unavailability, recalls and other important drug-related information. See below to view the most recent volumes of DrugAlert.

Defect Correction for Panadol® Children 100mg/mL

DrugAlert Volume 930

HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice that Haleon Australia, in consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has issued a product defect correction and recall for Panadol® Children 1 Month – 1 Year, as…

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Availability of Orencia®

DrugAlert Volume 929

HPS Pharmacies wish to advise that Bristol-Myers Squibb is anticipating a supply interruption for Orencia® as follows: Orencia® ClickJect® Abatacept 125mg ARTG 236039  Orencia® Prefilled Syringe Abatacept 125mg ARTG 206764 Manufacturing issues are expected…

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Discontinuation of Lasix® 40mg Ampoules

DrugAlert Volume 928

HPS Pharmacies wishes to advise that Sanofi-Aventis is discontinuing Lasix® 40mg ampoules as follows: Lasix® Ampoules Furosemide 40mg/4mL ARTG 76767 Other strengths of furosemide ampoules are not affected by this notice. Retain this notice…

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Discontinuation of Tracleer® Tablets

DrugAlert Volume 927

HPS Pharmacies wishes to advise that Janssen-Cilag is discontinuing Tracleer® tablets as follows: Tracleer® Tablets Bosentan 62.5mg ARTG 91919 Tracleer® Tablets Bosentan 125mg ARTG 91920 The decision to discontinue Tracleer® tablets is a commercial…

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Discontinuation of Voltaren® Eye Drops and Suppositories

DrugAlert Volume 926

HPS Pharmacies wishes to advise that Novartis Pharmaceuticals have discontinued their diclofenac eye drops and suppository preparations as follows: Voltaren® Ophtha Eye Drops Diclofenac sodium 1mg/mL ARTG 96654  Voltaren® Suppository Diclofenac 12.5mg ARTG 96797…

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Drug Recall for K-Citra 10 Tablets

DrugAlert Volume 925

HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice that Lacuna Pharma, in consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has initiated a drug recall for K-Citra 10 tablets as follows: K-Citra 10 Tablets Potassium Citrate 1080mg…

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