HPS is proud to be an employer of choice within the hospital pharmacy industry.


HPS’ network of pharmacies is one of Australia’s leading pharmacy service providers, offering a diverse range of careers in multiple locations across Australia. As a successful and growing company, we can provide you with challenging and rewarding work, and a team environment that is both results-focused and supportive.

Our growth is a direct result of the people who work with our organisation and the contribution they make each day. We are very conscious that developing a team of experienced and motivated people is the key to our success.

We proudly recognise the dedication of our 600+ employees who contribute daily to our business and the health and well being of Australians.

At HPS, we are committed to providing a transparent and fair recruitment strategy, employing the ‘right’ people for the ‘right’ roles.

Given our dynamic industry, we are constantly seeking team members in a variety of specialities.

We also enjoy being leaders in the hospital pharmacy industry in regards to remuneration and additional benefits. Our employees’ salary packages and benefits include:

  • An excellent individual performance incentive program;
  • Flexible working arrangements;
  • Discounted pharmacy items; and
  • Staff Bursary Program.

At HPS, we realise individuals have different motivators, and we understand the importance of catering to this.

We believe investing in our employees is crucial to creating a sustainable business; therefore we are committed to building diversity into how we work together and how we operate. A diverse and inclusive workforce benefits our employees and helps us attract and retain talented people, create more innovative solutions, and be more flexible and responsive to our client’s needs.

If working for a progressive organisation such as HPS is the opportunity you have been waiting for, we would love to hear from you.

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Why work with us?

Challenging and exciting

Long-term career growth

Flexible work arrangements

Inclusive and team spirit

As a valued HPS employee, you’ll receive...

A work environment that:

  • Encourages driven and innovative employees
  • Provides industry-leading tools and technologies
  • Enables you to work with major national clients

Exceptional opportunities for:

  • Growing your long-term career
  • Becoming a Partner
  • Working in different sectors
  • Assistance with education and learning

Work content that is:

  • Challenging and exciting
  • Team-oriented and autonomous
  • Focused on the highest quality outcomes

Quality of life featuring:

  • Flexible work arrangements and career breaks
  • Access to Corporate Health Insurance
  • Parental Leave return incentive
  • Discounts on non-PBS subsidised medication

A range of other benefits including:

  • Rewards and competitive salaries
  • Employee incentive program
  • CPE funding and training
  • Payment of AACP, PDL and Pharmacy Board registration

A welcoming culture which is:

  • Supportive and caring
  • Open and respectful
  • Inclusive and full of team spirit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a position located in a State other than my own?

Yes, however if you are successful for the role, you must be prepared to relocate at your own cost to the state where the position is located.

If I am not successful, can I apply again?

Absolutely. It may be a good idea to contact our Human Resources team to discuss the reasons why you were unsuccessful in the first interview.

Does HPS practice equal employment opportunity (EEO) during the recruitment process?

Yes! One of our Core Values is ‘Respect’ and we ensure we respect all applications by adhering to a HPS EEO policy that aligns with the equal employment opportunity laws of Australia.

Equal Employment Opportunity means equal access to jobs and benefits and services for all employees and prospective employees in the workplace. Our EEO policy aims to ensure fair and equitable outcomes are in all areas of employment which relate to recruitment, selection, access to information, supervision and management.
Within HPS, Equal Employment Opportunity is about:

  • fair practices in the workplace;
  • management decisions being made without bias;
  • recognition and respect for the social and cultural backgrounds of all staff and customers;
  • employment practices which produce staff satisfaction, commitment to the job and the delivery of quality services to customers;
  • improving productivity by guaranteeing that:
  • the best person is recruited and/or promoted;
  • skilled staff are retained;
  • training and development are linked to employee needs and customer needs; and
  • the workplace is efficient and free of harassment and discrimination.

How many interview(s) am I required to attend?

This will depend on the position that you are applying for. Most positions will only require a single interview, whilst others will require you to attend a further interview round(s).

The advertisement stated successful applicants will be required to complete a National Police Clearance. My Police Clearance demonstrates a previous conviction. Can I still apply?

Yes you can apply for positions within HPS, however if your convictions and/or offences are considered relevant to the position Human Resources will be in contact with you to discuss your application and employment prospects. For a confidential discussion on past convictions or offences please contact Human Resources on 08 8193 9107.

I am currently on a student visa, can I apply for positions at HPS?

Yes, HPS offers both Casual and Part Time positions that range in hours from 4–37 per week to employees on a student visa. Should you be successful for such a position, the offer will be made in accordance with your work rights eligibility as per your Visa.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Pharmacy and would like to gain some experience working at HPS's network of pharmacies. Can I apply for Casual or Part Time positions to work around my study?

Yes, HPS recruit employees studying to become a Pharmacist as Pharmacy Technicians. Depending on the position available this may suit your study requirements.

I would like to apply for a Pharmacy Technician position but am only a Pharmacy Assistant. Can I apply?

Yes, HPS’ network of pharmacies have grouped Pharmacy Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians and Dispensary Assistants into two classifications of ‘Technician and Support Service employee’ and ‘Senior Technician’. Any experience in Pharmacy is highly regarded, however you may need to refer to the Job Advertisement for any ‘essential criteria’ before you apply.


We Care

As a successful and growing company, we can provide you with challenging and rewarding work, and a team environment that is both results-focused and supportive.

For more information, please contact our Human Resources team: