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Frequently Asked Questions

I have already paid this account. Why have I received another invoice for the same amount?

If you have paid your account on or after the date issued on your statement, please disregard the statement you have received.

If payment was made prior to the date issued, please upload a copy of your receipt via our contact form.

I took my own regular medication into hospital with me. Why has more of the same medication been dispensed to me, which I now have to pay for?

Patients are always advised to bring any regular medication into hospital with them in order for the nursing staff to see exactly which medications are being taken, however in most circumstances, it will not be administered to the patient as its integrity cannot be guaranteed. This medication will be returned, by the hospital, to the patient upon discharge. It is standard procedure that new medication is requested from the pharmacy by hospital staff and given to the patient to take while they are in hospital. Unfortunately, private health insurance will only cover the cost of inpatient medication if it directly relates to the condition under which they were admitted, hence why you will have received an invoice from HPS Pharmacies.

I have been given an invoice with my discharge medication. How can I make a payment for this?

Payment can be made at the pharmacy by cash, credit card or cheque. We also offer BPAY and BPOINT payment options. Your Biller Code and reference number is printed on your invoice and statement.

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I have not used the discharge medication that I was prescribed and the packets are still sealed and have not been opened. Am I able to return these to the pharmacy to be credited?

Due to government regulations, once medication has left the hospital premises, the pharmacy is unable to accept it back into their stock as it cannot be re-issued to another patient.

You may of course return any unused medication to one of our pharmacies to be disposed of safely, but you will still need to pay HPS Pharmacies for this medication.

I gave the hospital my concession card / safety net card details. Why has this not been taken into consideration on my bill?

On occasions, we may not receive this information from the hospital. Please complete the contact form providing your concession card number and date of issue.  We will pass this information on to our pharmacy staff and ask them if it is possible to amend your account. If so, we will send you a revised invoice.

It may not always be possible for us to amend an account, as our claim to Medicare may have closed. In these instances, you will need to pay the account in full to HPS and request us to send you a signed pharmacy receipt which you will present to Medicare, who will calculate your rebate, taking into account your concession or safety net card, and will reimburse you accordingly.

I have a DVA gold card and thought this covered the cost of all my medications?

A patient has to be admitted into hospital under their DVA gold card in order for the charges to be covered by DVA. If a patient is admitted under their private health insurance, DVA will not cover any costs. The DVA gold card gives card holders access to pharmaceuticals listed on the Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme according to clinical need, for all their conditions. Some restrictions apply to some pharmaceuticals, which require accepted condition status. For further information, please contact DVA directly on 133 254 (or 1800 555 254 for country callers).

Who can I contact to receive a prescription record form (PRF)?

Once your account has been paid in full, please complete the contact form, and the appropriate pharmacy will arrange for a PRF to be faxed or emailed to you, or your local pharmacy if requested.

I want to pay my account online using my credit card. How do I know your system is secure?

Our online credit card payment system is operated by the Commonwealth Bank and provides you with a secure site on which to make online payments. Make sure that a padlock symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner of your Windows Explorer, as this indicates it is a secure operating environment.

Why do I have to provide my CVN number when entering my credit card payment details online?

The Card Verification Number (CVN) is the 3 digit number printed on the back of your credit card. By entering this number, it ensures the customer has physical possession of the card at the time of payment, adding extra security.

I have just paid my account online or over the phone. Will I automatically receive a receipt?

You will receive a credit card receipt number for any payment made using your credit card, whether it is made using our automated phone system or with one of our customer service team members. Please write this receipt number on a piece of paper and keep it for future reference. If you have paid your HPS account via your financial institution’s online banking, you will also receive a receipt or transaction number from your bank.

If you require a receipt to make a claim with Medicare, private health insurance or for taxation purposes, once your account has been paid in full, please complete the contact form and the appropriate pharmacy will arrange for a Pharmacy Receipt to be emailed to you.

I have received an account from HPS Pharmacies but I have never been into this hospital?

HPS Pharmacies work in partnership with other healthcare professionals in both the public and private sectors, providing clinical services to hospitals from our pharmacies. Most of our pharmacies are located in the hospitals themselves, however, there are some facilities that do not have on-site pharmacies. Medication is usually provided to them from the nearest HPS pharmacy.

I didn’t ask for this medication, why have I been charged for it?

The doctor whose care you were under while in hospital has prescribed this medication for you, taking into account the circumstances under which you were admitted to hospital. As a duty of care to the patient, HPS Pharmacies has fulfilled your doctor’s request and provided this medication to you. All discharge or non-admission medication is payable by the patient.

What is my medication for?

If you would like to find out more information about your medication, you can call HPS’ customer service team on 1300 669 510. They will then forward you to one of our qualified pharmacists who will be able to explain what your medication is commonly used for and provide guidance on its use, or alternatively, contact your prescribing doctor.

I am covered through Work-Cover, Personal Injury Claim, Transport or Motor Accident Commission, or Department of Defence. Why am I receiving this bill?

On occasion, we may not receive the full details required to process a claim through the third party insurance from the hospital or clinic.

Please complete the contact form to provide to us the 3rd party details including the work-cover company name, claim number and postal address so that we may claim directly on your behalf. Department of Defence members will be required to provide either a Defence Approval Number (DAN) or PM Key for processing.

Some medications may not related to the compensable injury or may be excluded from the level of cover provided from the work-cover insurer or third party provide and thus billed directly to the patient, in this case you may be responsible for the payment of these items and any queries would need to go through your case manager.

I am undergoing fertility treatment and have questions about my account.

“I didn’t receive these items, why am I being charged?”

If there are items on your account that you have not received from the clinic, please give them a call and request that they return any remaining stock. Once HPS has received these items back, we can remove them from your account. 

“My statement is confusing, what do the debits and credits mean?”

A lot of IVF clinics order extra items for you when they aren’t sure what you may need for a cycle. These are shown on your statement as a ‘debit’.

When you collect the medication you require, generally the Clinic will return the stock which was not required back to HPS. When it is received back, it is removed from your account. This shows as a ‘credit’. Any payments you make to your account also show as a ‘credit’.

“Why have I been charged differently for the same item?”

Depending on the type of cycle you are going through may mean that medications are charged differently. Please contact your IVF Clinic for more information as to why your medication prices differ between cycles.

I identify as Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander and qualify for “The Closing Gap” Scheme. How can I have this applied to my account?

Closing the Gap Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme needs to be approved by the prescribing Doctor at the hospital.  Please check with your Prescribing Doctor, through the hospital you attended, to see if you qualify.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, please contact your local HPS Pharmacies to speak with one of our friendly pharmacists.