HPS Pharmacies wish to advise that Mylan Viatris has changed the packaging of Coumadin® and Marevan® tablets.

All three strengths of Coumadin® and Marevan® tablets are now packaged in blue bottles. An example of the new Coumadin® packaging is shown below.

Old packaging New packaging

This packaging update presents a risk of selection error. The bottles also look similar to many other medicines distributed by this manufacturer.

Warfarin is a high-risk medicine; extra care is required when prescribing, dispensing, and administering Coumadin® and Marevan® tablets. Healthcare professionals should utilise barcode scanning at every opportunity to reduce the risk of errors. Patients and carers should also be educated about this packaging change to ensure the safe use of warfarin at home.

Retain this notice in a prominent position, including in other related business units for one month. Report any problems identified with medicines, vaccines or medical devices to the TGA.

Should you require further information regarding this matter, please contact Viatris on 1800 274 276, or your pharmacist at HPS Pharmacies.

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