St Andrew’s Partners with HPS to Deliver State-of-the-art Cancer Treatment Facility

HPS Pharmacies is excited to have its long-standing partnership with St Andrew’s Hospital expanded with a new development in oncology care in South Australia.

St Andrew’s Hospital has recently opened a new Medical Centre opposite Adelaide’s south parklands that includes a purpose built state of the art chemotherapy suite. This new centre, together with the cancer inpatient facility and surgical radiotherapy, mark St Andrew’s as the overall complete provider of private oncology services in Adelaide.

It was a monumental step forward for HPS Pharmacies in the successful tender of a new on-site pharmacy at the state-of-the-art St Andrew’s cancer centre. Nestled on the out-skirts of the Adelaide CBD, the customised cancer facility provides HPS Pharmacies with a central location to implement pharmacy services and further strengthens HPS Pharmacies’ oncology presence in South Australia.

HPS Pharmacies’ Partner and General Manager of Hospitals, Tin Huyhn, is excited by HPS’ extension into the new cancer centre and the opportunity to further grow the relationship between HPS Pharmacies and St Andrew’s Hospital.

“HPS Pharmacies has provided dedicated oncology pharmacy services to long-time partner St Andrew’s Hospital for a number of years. The transition of the day oncology unit to the exceptional new St Andrew’s Medical Centre provided HPS Pharmacies with the opportunity to further expand our services by establishing a state-of-the-art oncology pharmacy with a sterile suite. The contemporary pharmacy will deliver a superior and responsive service via on-site chemotherapy compounding capabilities. Any adjustments in dose or regime required by the client can be catered for in a timely manner, ensuring there is no delay in patient treatments. St Andrew’s Medical Centre is a unique site and HPS Pharmacies are elated to be a part of this project. We look forward to delivering an enhanced service to staff and patients of St Andrew’s Hospital”.

In conjunction with the 19 chair day chemotherapy suite at St Andrew’s Medical Centre, HPS Pharmacies’ on-site pharmacy is purposefully built with an oncology focus providing a space for the preparation of critical chemotherapy, reducing overall waiting times for patients from the time of prescribing.

HPS – Adelaide (South Terrace) Pharmacy Manager, Paula Kwan, sees the opportunity for a more informed and structured approach to oncology care with the on-site pharmacy able to place pharmacists on the front-line interacting one-on-one with patients.

“Prior to our presence on-site, chemotherapy was prepared off-site and pharmacists did not have a complete history of their treatment. With the new site, a HPS Pharmacies pharmacist will have increased involvement with a patient’s treatment and therefore be able to offer more in terms of professional services and advice”.

The pharmacy design complements St Andrew’s Medical Centre’s network of specialty services, with a private counselling room offering patients undergoing treatment private and personalised counselling with a pharmacist to better understand their medication and receive recommendations for supportive therapies. The on-site pharmacy is also characterised by its retail capabilities, offering the local community greater accessibility to general pharmacy needs.

HPS Pharmacies have a wealth of experience in the private hospital industry and can offer improvements in response time, flexibility and accuracy to St Andrew’s cancer centre.

St Andrew’s Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Walker, is excited for the expansion of HPS Pharmacies and St Andrew’s working partnership via the new cancer centre, and is confident the on-site pharmacy can contribute to a more proactive medication monitoring system.

“St Andrew’s has an excellent relationship with HPS Pharmacies and the staff are considered an integral part of the St Andrew’s team. Our partnership via the new Medical Centre will ensure our chemotherapy patients are provided a comprehensive high quality service.

“By working closely with the HPS Pharmacies team, our patients experience the best service available. One-on-one counselling with pharmacists will ensure our patients walk away with a complete understanding of their treatment. The opportunity to make our patient’s experience more positive is invaluable to St Andrew’s Hospital”.

HPS Pharmacies are thrilled to be supporting St Andrew’s Hospital in this new venture and look forward to enhancing the quality of service available to patients and the local community of Adelaide.