Giving Back to the Business Environment

The HPS Group’s commitment to business sustainability is unwavering, and embraces environmental and community stewardship as both a necessary contemporary issue and core business practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provides a tangible framework for the HPS Group to successfully and harmoniously operate within.

Steve Yeo, Chief Operating Offcer says as an integral member of today’s rapidly changing community, the HPS Group places great importance on not just what we do, but how we do it.

“As a leading provider of healthcare in Australia, the HPS Group recognises the incredible contribution that can be made by having a robust and relevant CSR program,” he says.

“We are continually striving to adapt to the ever changing needs of society and contribute to the overall health of the environment in which we operate, lessening our impacts via our supply chain and product lifecycle.”

The HPS Group’s holistic view of its business activity is depicted in the triple bottom line approach to CSR, which recognises three streams – society, environment and business.

Steve says “the HPS Group is focused upon ensuring that its environmental footprint is minimised, its social engagement is rewarding to all parties, and that its business is sustainable into the future.”

The HPS Group’s social program has a strong clinical and health focus, representative of the whole life journey, with an emphasis on extending and enhancing human life.

This commitment is underpinned through business relationships, supporting clients to strengthen their health systems.

As part of its social agenda, the HPS Group has pledged signifcant fnancial contributions to various recipients during the last fnancial year, totalling in excess of $460,000.00.

Donation benefciaries include; Mary Potter Foundation, Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, Father Bob Macquarie Foundation, Bowel Cancer Australia, Cancer Council, St Helen’s Cancer Ward Upgrade Appeal, Calvary Education Fund, St Vincent’s Toowoomba Corporate Golf Day, St Andrew’s Golf Classic, Foundation 21, Lifeline, Kids Under Cover, Beyond Blue, Red Shield Appeal, Alzheimer’s Australia, and Act for Kids, to name but a few.

From an environmental angle, the HPS Group has assessed its supply chain, understanding that a truly accountable business acknowledges the impacts their suppliers have on their people, environment and communities. The HPS Group has challenged its suppliers and own business operations to promote sustainable business practice.

“We believe it is our obligation to ensure we are not only being environmentally conscious within our operations, but also that we are challenging all of our service providers within our overall supply chain to enhance their CSR focus as well,” says Steve.

The ultimate goal relates to the HPS Group’s business channel, and ensuring the future longevity of the company, particularly with respect to providing jobs and custom for suppliers.

The HPS Group’s success allows for the building of mutually benefcial relationships, and steadfastly positions the company to support its suppliers, workforce and clients to the value of the entire community.

Catherine Riedel, Marketing Manager, says the HPS Group’s CSR agenda has been developed in consideration of the business’ impacts on employees, suppliers, clients, and the communities in which we conduct business operations.

“Whilst developing the group’s Marketing strategy, we realised the wealth of amazing activities that the HPS Group already engages in. The CSR program provides a platform for the business to communicate these initiatives as we further integrate corporate responsibility across all our business interactions.”

For more information on the HPS Group’s CSR program and activities, visit: Corporate Social Responsibility