Modbury Hospital and HPS Collaborate to Implement PBS Reforms

HPS Pharmacies is excited to collaborate with SA Pharmacy to introduce significant pharmaceutical reforms aimed at delivering patients with easier access to medications and pharmacist advice.

In 2009 the State and Commonwealth Governments introduced pharmaceutical reforms benefitting many of Adelaide’s metropolitan hospitals, by restoring an equity between public and private hospitals, improving communication between the hospital, patients and primary healthcare professionals and promoting a smooth transition between the hospital and a patient’s community care.

The reforms are in conjunction with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, under the Australian Government’s broader National Medicines Policy. The reforms were introduced in Australia in 1948 to provide free medications to pensioners and a list of 139 life-saving and disease preventing medications, free of charge to the community.

Sixty-six years later, the PBS offers affordable, dependable and timely accessibility to essential medicines for Australians ensuring optimal health outcomes and economic objectives are achieved.

HPS Pharmacies have been ardent supporters of the PBS reforms with HPS – Whyalla previously undergoing changes as part of the reform roll-out with Country Health SA. Following this successful implementation of the reforms at HPS – Whyalla, SA Pharmacy commissioned a roll-out to HPS – Modbury in line with other hospitals within the public sector. The commission has afforded a dramatic expansion of pharmacy services at Modbury Hospital via an increased team, altered workflows, new clinical services and the relocation of the on-site pharmacy to a new, refurbished location.

HPS – Modbury Site Manager, Rania Najjar, was appointed Project Lead for the implementation of the reforms, and has worked tirelessly alongside SA Pharmacy to ensure the refurbished site satisfies the requirements of the pharmaceutical reforms.

“The refurbished on-site pharmacy has increased staff size and improved workflow to provide a more streamlined and efficient pharmacy service. The site can now offer Modbury Hospital an enhanced, comprehensive clinical pharmacy service covering specialties such as general medicine, rehabilitation, surgery, palliative care, critical care, psychiatry, geriatrics, emergency and the acute medical unit”.

By participating in the PBS reforms, HPS – Modbury are ensuring equity of access to medication for patients, regardless of their place of care, and increased safety and quality of medication management, alleviating budget constraints and cost of pharmaceuticals at Modbury Hospital.

HPS Pharmacies’ Partner and Regional Operations Manager – SA/WA/NT, Dominic Coppola, commends the team at HPS – Modbury for their unwavering commitment and dedication to ensuring the on-site pharmacy meets all necessary requirements of the PBS reforms, whilst continuing to provide Modbury Hospital with a full pharmacy service.

“For close to 20 years, HPS Pharmacies has conserved a dedicated relationship with Modbury Hospital and it is with great enthusiasm that the business builds on this partnership, by assisting the hospital through this time of PBS reforms. The proactive collaboration between HPS Pharmacies and Modbury Hospital promises great success for the reforms and we look forward to delivering patients with expanded services and capabilities”, says Dominic.

Executive Director SA Pharmacy and Chief Pharmacist, Steve Morris, says the long-standing partnership with SA Pharmacy across a number of areas in South Australia is an important strength in the delivery of PBS reforms to Modbury Hospital.

“HPS Pharmacies has a long-standing relationship in the delivery of pharmacy services to Modbury Hospital and this will have significant impact for patients and clinical staff as the PBS reforms roll-out. The reforms bring Modbury Hospital in line with all other metropolitan public hospitals; ensuring clinicians working across the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network will have consistent access to clinical pharmacist resources”.

HPS Pharmacies anticipate the reforms to be equally successful to that of HPS – Whyalla, and look forward to the promising future the reforms offer in the delivery of high quality pharmacy services alongside partner SA Pharmacy.