HPS Fortifies Investment In Compounding Services

Compounding, the art and science of preparing customised medications, is as old as pharmacy itself and dates back to the times of alchemists. It has been a consistent area of focus for HPS’ network of pharmacies for a number of years.

HPS Pharmacies compound medications and chemotherapy products to treat a variety of conditions and symptoms often untreatable by commercially available medications, to individual patients. In addition, HPS Pharmacies’ broad expertise also specialises in specifically prepared compounded medications for individual animals, servicing a number of veterinary clinics nationally.

As an adjunct to compounding for patients suffering with various cancers, HPS has moved into the areas of different types of medicines and vehicles for analgesia and emesis currently not available in proprietary products.

“The ability to manufacture a bespoke medication for a specific patient is something that HPS’ network of pharmacies is particularly passionate about; meeting the unique needs of patients through innovation drives HPS towards further excellence in the field”, says Tony Wyatt, HPS Partner and Chief Executive Officer.

HPS has a long-standing relationship with PCCA who are licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia as a resource for fine chemicals, devices, training and support for compounding pharmacies.

HPS work closely with PCCA who share specialist knowledge and dedication to excellence which further strengthens its relationship with the organisation. Through PCCA, HPS has access to over 4,560 chemicals; more than is available through any other supplier.

PCCA attributes their advantage to having “the industry’s most comprehensive quality control and assurance program” for all chemicals supplied; an assurance which is passed on to HPS and additionally on to the patient.

In June, Brooke Kenny, HPS’ Quality, Compliance & Audit Manager, attended the 2014 PCCA Australian Annual Conference. “The conference focused on innovation, wound care, pain management and regulatory standards within the industry. In addition, this forum provided an interactive environment whereby members could share their experiences, which was immensely beneficial”.

HPS has built a robust network surrounding compounding services; providing dedicated compounding facilities and staff all around Australia. HPS’ expert clinicians have particularly strong diagnostic skills which enable lateral thinking to find innovative treatment solutions.

Working closely with clients provides a strong communication channel in which HPS can most effectively find greater solutions to enhance patient care. Clients are encouraged to contact HPS should there be a case that they are struggling to find a commercial treatment, or an effective solution for. HPS’ compounding knowledge allows it to act as specialist advisors to create medications for complex patient requirements.

Tony appreciates the value of HPS’ client relationships within the industry. “The strong relationships HPS has fostered with clients is key to compounding success. The communication between client and pharmacist is vital to ensure the best possible result for the patient is created”.

The benefits of compounding extends beyond human services, and HPS provide high quality veterinary compounding. Often difficulties can arise when coercing a pet into taking medication.

HPS can provide flavoured medications in a variety of forms to assist with treating individual animals with different conditions. In addition, dosages are adjustable to ensure that what is correct for a larger animal is attuned to accurately treat a small animal.

Further to this, should a medication be discontinued, HPS can replicate this to treat patients still requiring particular drugs. “There have been several cases where a patient may have a health issue that can only be treated with a particular drug, which may have been removed from the market by large scale manufacturers due to low demand. It is not uncommon for the patient to have issues with alternative medications and therefore need a personalised medication compounded for them. The tailoring of a solution is a process which HPS are specialists in”, says Tony.

The growing focus on compounding is in line with HPS’ values for innovation and excellence. HPS is proud of its comprehensive compounding service and of enhancing the benefits and positive impacts that its expertise brings to the industry, clients and patients.