HPS Expands Services in Tasmania with Calvary

Further to HPS Pharmacies’ Spring 2013 edition of Newsline announcing the opening of a new on-site pharmacy at Calvary Central Districts in Adelaide’s North, it is with great elation that HPS has further expanded and strengthened its partnership with Calvary through the delivery of a new on-site pharmacy at Calvary Health Care Tasmania’s St Vincent’s Campus in Launceston.

A unique addition to HPS Pharmacies’ community, HPS – Launceston services two hospitals; Calvary – St Vincent’s Campus and St Luke’s Campus. The on-site pharmacy is situated at St Vincent’s Campus.

HPS has a long-standing relationship with Calvary nationally, and is delighted for the opportunity to add further value to the existing partnership through the delivery of a localised and personalised on-site pharmacy solution in Launceston.

Grant Musgrave, Chief Executive Officer, Calvary Health Care Tasmania, Launceston, commends HPS Pharmacies on their commitment to maintaining the strong relationship with Calvary throughout the project.

“Nationally Calvary has built a strong relationship with HPS. Despite the recent transition into Launceston bringing many challenges, HPS has managed to identify and overcome these hurdles resulting in the establishment of an on-site pharmacy service at the St Vincent’s Campus. We look forward to the many benefits this will bring to our patients, doctors and staff”.

Choi-Ling Batten, Pharmacy Manager at HPS Pharmacies, was instrumental in further developing the partnership and sees the new pharmacy site as an occasion for HPS Pharmacies to demonstrate its specialised knowledge of private health care.

“We are setting a new precedent for Calvary Health Care Tasmania, Launceston, with the promise of better service than they have ever seen. We have thrown everything into making this relationship as effective and successful as possible by placing priority on our ability to respond swiftly to the needs and requests of all Calvary staff and patients”.

Alan Tuxford, HPS Pharmacies’ Regional Operations Manager – VIC/TAS, is confident HPS has demonstrated exceptional service skills to both campuses.

“We have strived to achieve a strong working relationship with Calvary Health Care Tasmania, Launceston, and establish great lines of communication. We have demonstrated HPS Pharmacies’ commitment to the delivery of quality services via our rapid and efficient responsiveness that has been tailored to their needs. It has been a great credit to all those involved to see HPS integrate into the Calvary Health Care Tasmania family”.

HPS Pharmacies has over 35 years of pharmacy services experience within the private sector. As the pharmacy service provider to Calvary, HPS can leverage its national experience and apply that knowledge to operations at St Vincent’s and St Luke’s campuses. Grant Musgrave looks forward to sharing and drawing upon the vast experience of HPS Pharmacies.

“HPS delivers a broad network of services to private hospitals nationally, enabling them to draw upon their experiences and share with us their knowledge on local services and quality of patient care.

“Our expectation is that HPS Pharmacies will provide an excellent service to our patients, doctors, staff and local communities. Also, clinical standards will be maintained and improved upon both from a qualitative and quantitative measure. We look forward to seeing the benefits of HPS’ proprietary system, ClinPod®, once implemented”.

Director of Clinical Services, Calvary Health Care Tasmania Launceston, Suezanne Horder, says HPS Pharmacies’ history with Calvary sites across Australia is a significant strength.

“The on-site pharmacy service has been an exceptionally positive gain for Calvary Health Care Tasmania, Launceston, with instant access to medications and information. HPS’ industry experience will ensure appropriate and timely medication dispensing, imprest management, advice to patients and clinical staff, access to clinical knowledge and education opportunities. We look forward to working with the HPS – Launceston team to continue to refine and grow pharmacy support to Calvary”.

HPS – Launceston is a milestone for the ever-expanding relationship between HPS Pharmacies and Calvary and demonstrates the success that can be achieved through a shared vision.