A Taste of Morocco at Adelaide Oval for HPS’ Annual Gala and Awards Evening

HPS celebrated the successes of 2014 at the illustrious Annual Gala and Awards Evening in November. Over 170 HPS employees and their partners attended the iconic Adelaide Oval overlooking spectacular views of the Adelaide skyline.

This state-of-the-art venue provided a stunning backdrop for the Moroccan themed feast while guests were entertained by captivating dancers, palm readers and snake charmers. The earthy scent of incense, flickering tealight candles and the sounds of traditional music amalgamated to delight the senses and transport guests to a faraway land.

As fire twirlers lit up the sky, the event lent seamlessly to a mood of celebration as attendees reflected on the significant contribution from HPS’ national teams. Now in their fourth year, the awards are celebrated throughout the business as a remarkable accolade and an honour to receive. The national awards encapsulate HPS’ core values of excellence, innovation, leadership, respect and accountability, and acknowledges those employees and teams who excel in demonstrating these values throughout the year.

The six awards introduced and presented by HPS’ Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Tony Wyatt, and Chairman of the HPS Board, Dr. Andrew Holsman, include:

  • “The Dr. Holsman award for Innovation”, recognising outstanding innovation at any level of the organisation;
  • “Corporate Team Member of the Year”, recognising that individual whose conduct and contribution had a profound impact upon the business and its employees;
  • “National Pharmacy Manager of the Year”, recognising the outstanding leadership of a Pharmacy Manager within a team environment;
  • “National Site of the Year”, recognising the leading HPS Pharmacies site for financial and team performance;
  • “National Pharmacist of the Year”, recognising the company’s most outstanding pharmacy professional for contributions to HPS, it clients, and the field of pharmacy within healthcare; and
  • “National Pharmacy Technician or Courier of the Year”, recognising that individual whose conduct and contribution had a profound impact upon the business and its clients.

On the evening, Tony said “HPS is deeply committed to excellence across all aspects of the business, and these awards are a unique opportunity to recognise the individuals that have demonstrated their embracement of HPS’ core values.

“I would like to thank the entire national team for their outstanding contribution and sincerely congratulate those who have achieved individual recognition through these HPS annual national awards”.

The Annual Gala and Awards Evening was the conclusion to another fruitful Management Group Conference (MGC). Also held at the Adelaide Oval, the exclusive conference provided a unique opportunity for pharmacy and corporate managers nationwide to congregate for an information-dense and interactive three day conference.

“The environment created by the management team’s participation and enthusiasm for discussion brought forward a strong, united vision for the business’ endeavours in 2015. I look forward to the initiatives that have been formed as a result of the conference to further deliver the highest quality of pharmacy services to clients and patients”, said Tony.

Congratulations to our award winners who have been immortalised on the HPS Honour Boards at HPS’ Corporate Office:

  1. The Dr. Holsman Award for Innovation
    Rania Najjar (HPS – Modbury, South Australia)
  2. Corporate Team Member of the Year
    Angie Lawson (HPS – Corporate Office, South Australia)
  3. National Pharmacy Manager of the Year
    Niki Singh (HPS – Melbourne Private, Victoria)
  4. National Site of the Year
    HPS – Modbury (South Australia)
  5. National Pharmacist of the Year
    Rhona Selkirk (HPS – Toowoomba, Queensland)
  6. National Pharmacy Technician or Courier of the Year
    Kristen Peck (HPS – Riverina, New South Wales)