HPS Facilitates Mobile Clinical Care with ClinPod® 2015 Upgrade

HPS’ proprietary ClinPod® application, already recognised as one of the industry’s leading clinical pharmacy applications in Australia, has recently undergone an exciting major upgrade and is now conveniently delivered on mobile tablets to facilitate real-time bedside delivery of pharmaceutical care and superior patient outcomes.

“The upgraded ClinPod® 2015 is an immense step forward for clinical pharmacists and represents the transition from paper based systems of medication management and clinical intervention, to portable, electronic resources. It is an easy to use, intuitive tool and is among the first of its kind. I’m very pleased to have been involved in the pilot phase and look forward to seeing the evolution of this ground breaking software”, says Dina Dinh, Clinical Pharmacist at HPS – Melbourne Private.

The valuable mobility introduced to ClinPod® 2015 allows HPS Pharmacies’ clinical pharmacists to easily coordinate, document and evaluate clinical activities, including the ability to prepare full Medication Management Plans at the patient bedside. ClinPod® 2015 increases the efficiency of pharmacists’ time and enhances the timely resolution of medication therapy related issues and seamlessly refers matters to other health practitioners for action.

Ian Bell, HPS’ Chief Information Officer, says “ClinPod® 2015 can harmoniously integrate the actions of clinical pharmacists into the functionality of the hospital. The application enables timely communication of medication related patient issues, medication interventions and facilitates effective communication channels between staff, patients, pharmacy, doctors and the admitting doctor”. The upgraded software has the ability to send electronic medication discharge summaries directly to a patient’s General Practitioner, alleviating the need for manual follow-up or patient recall. This smooth, automated and real-time reporting facilitates the continuum of care via the flow of accurate medication management information back into the community and also allows for a greatly improved and reliable source of medication history information should the patient be readmitted.

ClinPod® 2015 has been pro-actively developed to integrate SHPA (The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia) standards of practice for clinical pharmacy services and is fully compliant with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s guidelines for pharmacists performing clinical interventions (D.O.C.U.M.E.N.T). Building clinical practice standardisation into ClinPod®2015 will facilitate the delivery of care that improves patient outcomes, quality and safety.

Clients will have access to comprehensive reports relating to the pharmaceutical care activities provided by clinical pharmacists. These reports can be generated via a web portal, creating total service oversight and transparency. HPS’ ClinPod® 2015 provides a complete audit trail of interventions and manages handover notes entirely automatically, not only providing essential patient specific medication management information for nursing staff but also saving valuable time. Patient medications may be fully monitored from pre-admission, throughout the admission stay, and finally onto discharge with any adjustments clearly identified to enable complete medication reconciliation and accurate sharing of information.

A comprehensive and fully documented delivery of pharmaceutical care improves the overall risk management of medication related matters for hospitals. “An added function of ClinPod®2015 is the ability to document and report the severity scores for all medication interventions. This enhanced method of event reporting will improve the quality of communication between both staff and hospital administration allowing for the potential to develop improved medication management systems that minimise risk. Importantly, ClinPod® 2015 will assist hospitals to achieve medication safety goals related to meeting accreditation standards”, says Alan Tuxford, HPS’ Regional Operations Manager – VIC/TAS.

Improvements in information quality and communication has the potential to decrease hospital readmissions due to adverse medication events. “Innovations such as ClinPod® 2015 have the ability to change the landscape of bedside care for HPS and we are very proud to begin introducing this solution to our clients and to our pharmacists. The initial pilot stages have revealed very positive outcomes for patient care, with increased efficiencies and enhanced reporting”, says Alan.

Tony Wyatt, HPS Partner and Chief Executive Officer says “I would like to congratulate HPS’ IT department who have once again delivered upon the business’ core value of innovation, developing a robust solution for our valued clients, patients and employees that facilitates an optimised delivery of pharmaceutical care”.