We are specialists in the delivery of customised and personalised compounded medicines.


HPS and its network of HPS Approved Pharmacies bring over 30 years of specialist compounding knowledge and experience in treating patients, working collaboratively with clients and doctors to deliver tailored and effective compounding solutions to community and hospital patients. In addition, HPS Pharmacies are experts in veterinary compounding, partnering with veterinarians to deliver individualised therapy solutions of the highest quality.

We have access to over 4,560 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and 14,000 formulations to customise strengths, dosage forms, and flavours to meet each individual patient’s needs.

HPS Pharmacies’ dedicated compounding facilities across Australia are staffed by expert specialists and guided by principles of a comprehensive quality control program. With access to over 14,000 product formulations, HPS’ network of HPS Approved Pharmacies can create a personalised solution to meet each patient’s individualised needs.

Strict Quality Procedures

In support of optimal patient therapy, HPS’ network of HPS Approved Pharmacies invests in dedicated compounding specialists who focus on delivering the highest quality services and products, supported by strict quality systems and procedures.

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