HPS Announces Associate Partner Program

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that HPS Pharmacies announces its new and exciting Associate Partner Program, developed by the HPS Partnership group.

The program was implemented in recognition of the high performing individuals within the business, and the development of robust succession plans in light of HPS Pharmacies’ rapid growth and dominant market success.

Tony Wyatt, Partner/Chief Executive Officer of HPS Pharmacies says “the Partnership group, presently consisting of 12 individuals, recognised an opportunity to attract and assess talent for potential inclusion in the shareholder group, and thus strengthen and diversify the calibre of Partners, as the business continues to grow and succeed.”

The HPS Pharmacies Partnership group has worked closely with the Board in the development of the Associate Partner Program, and the business is excited to provide a brief outline of the program below;

  • An Associate Partnership is an exclusive offer made to select individuals, by way of stakeholder nomination and selection by the HPS Pharmacies’ Board.
  • The program is eligible to all employees of HPS Pharmacies, not only to pharmacists.
  • An Associate Partner will remain an employee of HPS Pharmacies, and discharge their normal duties in addition to exclusive Associate Partner responsibilities.
  • Associate Partners, whilst not yet having an equity stake in the business, will be entitled to attend the Partnership biannual general meeting and other stakeholder meetings as directed by the Board.
  • Additional benefits will be extended to Associate Partners.

“The Associate Partner Program is a wonderful opportunity for the nominated candidate and the Partnership group to critically assess if there is a natural fit between both parties.

“This program represents a commitment from the Partnership group in ensuring the continued success of HPS Pharmacies, through investment in its valued employees,” says Tony.

Accordingly, this new program provides a structured pathway for those exceptional performers within HPS Pharmacies that may wish to consider stepping into a partnership position.

In March this year, Mr Wyatt invited all Partners to put forward their nominations of employees for Associate Partner consideration. After much due diligence and analysis, the Board has offered the opportunity to a hand selected group of individuals within the business.

Tony offers, “on behalf of the Partnership group, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the successful Associate Partners and thank the Shareholders Committee and the Board for their significant efforts in developing this very exciting program, and delivering it to
the business.”

Congratulations to our new Associate Partners!

  • Jason Cattonar, Chief Financial Officer, specialising in accounting and business finance.
  • Dion Hutchins, Pharmacist In-Charge, HPS – Toowoomba, specialising in private hospital pharmacy services.
  • Brooke Kenny, General Manager, Corrections and Health Facilities, specialising in business development.
  • Pan Kwong, Pharmacist In-Charge, HPS – Knox, specialising in private hospital pharmacy services.
  • Photios Poupoulas, Pharmacist In-Charge, HPS – Ashford, specialising in private hospital pharmacy services.
  • Aleksandra Stankovic, Pharmacy Manager, HPS – Brunswick, specialising in private hospital pharmacy services.
  • Stephanie Tieu, Pharmacist In-Charge, HPS – Calvary North Adelaide, specialising in oncology pharmacy services.
  • Alan Tuxford, Regional Operations Manager – VIC/TAS, specialising in fertility and IVF pharmacy services.
  • Steven Yeo, Chief Operating Officer, specialising in marketing, negotiations and business strategy.