HPS and Calvary: From Strength to Strength

HPS is pleased to announce the successful negotiation and proactive re-signing with Calvary in the provision of pharmacy services nationally for an extended term.

Tony Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer of HPS says “HPS has a longstanding relationship with Calvary, and is delighted for the opportunity to add further value to the existing partnership through an extension of its services, and integration of the two companies in providing the highest quality of care to hospital patients around Australia.”

Currently, HPS’s network of pharmacies delivers pharmacy services to all four Calvary hospitals in South Australia; however the renewed agreement allows HPS to commit to the dedication of resources in a number of upcoming projects that will see enhanced service efficiencies to particular sites.

Mr Wyatt says “there are many partnership opportunities on the horizon, which will be communicated in due course, providing a more integrated and responsive on-site service.”

In August, Chief Executive Officers of the four Calvary hospitals and members of HPS’ Senior Management team involved with the re-signing, attended a celebratory dinner of this momentous occasion. The dinner also marked the farewell through retirement of Sharon Bingham, Chief Executive Officer at Calvary Central Districts Hospital, and provided an opportunity for HPS to thank her for continued support during her tenure.

“HPS welcomes Judith Walloscheck to the position and looks forward to developing a strong working relationship with her,” says Tony.

Securing the contract with Calvary represents significant value to HPS’s network of pharmacies and will deliver an exciting mix of new developments in South Australia as well as the opportunity to expand services within other states.

Steve Yeo, Chief Operating Officer of HPS says “the continuation of the strong partnership between HPS and Calvary is a testament to the tremendous value being generated between both businesses.

“It is wonderful to see such a strong and important partnership for HPS continue into another new phase. This next phase promises to be a truly exciting one, as HPS and Calvary unite to again complement each other’s health charter and business growth plans for the future.”

Arthur Yannakou, National Director, Private Hospitals at Calvary says “our relationship with HPS has strengthened over the many years of business interaction, and we are excited to move forward with them as our pharmacy service provider.”

HPS’s partnership with Calvary, has led to HPS becoming market leaders within the industry. With origins as a small South Australian based pharmacy service provider, HPS has been encouraged by Calvary to be at the forefront in ensuring staff, patient, and financial needs are met in an innovative manner.

Mark Doran, National Chief Executive Officer at Calvary, values the partnership with HPS specifically in their ability to deliver a safe and efficient service, innovative digital solutions, and holistic support in palliative care.

Calvary views the arrangement as a mutually beneficial strategic partnering. Mark says, “we have a rapidly changing healthcare environment that needs reform, so partnering with a group like HPS that is compatible in terms of values, philosophy and goals is more important than specific features of our commercial arrangements. The immediate benefits are about safety and efficiency, but longer term as the relationship deepens, it is about advantaging the partnership in ways that we don’t yet fully understand but will reflect the impact of the digital information age and the move to more community based care.

“We value HPS’s strengths and hope to build on them just as they would with us, and in this case I am confident we are joining strength with strength. In the future we may judge the ultimate value of a partnership on the new knowledge and skills that we have gifted to each other’s organisations.”