Forensicare Renews Service Contract with HPS

HPS is pleased to communicate the re-signing of its contract with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health, known as Forensicare.

HPS’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Wyatt, says “securing this tender delivers significant value for HPS as it positions its network of pharmacies as pharmacy service provider of choice within the corrections market segment nationally, and additionally highlights HPS’ strong involvement with delivering services to government facilities.”

Forensicare was established as a statutory agency in 1997 to provide adult forensic mental health services in Victoria. Forensic mental health is a specialist area within the mental health system, focussing on providing clinical services, which includes the effective assessment, treatment and management of forensic patients and clients, and people with a mental illness who have offended, or are at risk of offending.

In addition to their prison service, Forensicare operates a 116-bed secure hospital in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Fairfield, together with comprehensive community based programs across Victoria.

Lee Towell, Forensicare’s Operations Manager – Prison Services, says “the relationship between HPS and Forensicare has always been very good and I feel the re-signing of this contract will further enhance our relationship. I am looking forward to working more closely with HPS to achieve an ever improving service for patients in custody.”

Lee says, HPS’s network of pharmacies has extensive experience in delivering services within a correctional setting and has a strong understanding of the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the prison environment. She feels that although HPS is a national group, it displays the values of a smaller business, underpinned by their helpful and friendly staff.

“In addition to HPS’s network of pharmacies’ deep understanding of the pharmaceutical needs of men and women in custody, it is useful to deal with one pharmacy service provider as prisoners are often transferred between facilities, which then allows for a more streamlined transition and could potentially reduce the risk of errors”, says Lee.

With a host of specialised psychiatric pharmacists and a unique understanding of the considerations involved with psychiatric patients, the HPS Group’s network of pharmacies offers a tailored and responsive approach to clients, which ultimately contributes to the delivery of individualised patient care.

Furthermore, HPS’s network of pharmacies has a wealth of experience in managing sensitive drugs, including opioid, clozapine and methadone, and provides the largest out-patient opioid substitution program in Victoria.

HPS’s General Manager, Corrections and Health Facilities, Brooke Kenny, says “as a result of winning this contract HPS is able to work in partnership with Forensicare to focus on patient care, best practice and medication management.

“HPS’s network of pharmacies will continue to deliver Forensicare with the highest quality pharmacy services tailored to meet their facilities unique environment, including the provision of clinical services, technology improvements, enhanced reporting, and the introduction of specialised patient education groups to facilitate interactions between HPS pharmacists and their mental health patients.”

HPS values its history with Forensicare and draws upon its pedigree in providing pharmacy services to prisons across Victoria to further strengthen and develop services to meet their client’s dynamic needs.

Steve Yeo, Chief Operating Officer, says “HPS’s network of pharmacies has been the pharmacy service provider to Forensicare and GEO Care for a number of years now, and is excited to embark on this new contract which offers immediate service improvements and technological innovations to be implemented as part of the service.”