HPS Expands to the ACT

HPS and its network of pharmacies has opened its first pharmacy in the Australian Capital Territory, at Healthscope’s National Capital Private Hospital in Canberra, in a move that will deliver significant growth in key areas for the company.

The on-site pharmacy was officially opened late last year, taking over from the previous service providers. It includes clinical services, dispensing, imprest management, and oncology pharmacy services.

HPS’ pharmacy moved to a new purpose-built area of the hospital as part of its recent redevelopment which has increased bed numbers from 88 to 135 and expanded to 14 chemotherapy bays. In a first for the hospital, oncology compounding facilities now operates from the new HPS pharmacy site.

HPS Chief Executive Officer Tony Wyatt said securing the coveted contract provides important value for the company.

“It allows us to strengthen our national partnership with Healthscope, expand our chemotherapy footprint and mark the unveiling of our first pharmacy in the Australian Capital Territory,” Mr Wyatt said.

HPS Regional Operations Manager – ACT/NSW Peter Magdapoulos said he was excited about the opportunity to continue working with valued clients to deliver high quality patient care in the Australian Capital Territory.

“The ability to compound oncology medication onsite facilitates an increased level of flexibility and efficiency towards medication customisation for improved patient care,” Mr Magdapoulos said.

He said the addition of Oncology Clinical Pharmacist Stephen Roberts and Clinical Pharmacist Vincent Tran to HPS’ pharmacy at National Capital Private Hospital provides significant benefits to the hospital and its patients.

“The Clinical Pharmacist is active on the wards and spends the bulk of his time outside the pharmacy collaborating with doctors and nurses,” Mr Magdapoulos said.

“It’s a really important link between the wards and the pharmacy and our commitment to delivering a service that betters patient outcomes.”

Five staff members work at HPS’ pharmacy at the National Capital Private Hospital, including Pharmacy Manager Jenny Jiang, who brings a wealth of experience and provides leadership for the team.

Mr Magdapoulos said the transition to HPS’ pharmacy services at National Capital Private Hospital ran smoothly and thanked Brian Ong from HPS’ site at John Fawkner Private Hospital in Melbourne for overseeing the move.

“The knowledge and experience that Brian brought to the transition was a tremendous help and he really led the way during the initial pharmacy implementation,” Mr Magdapoulos said.

“We’re continuing to see strong growth across New South Wales, where we have six pharmacies, and to be operating in the ACT for the first time is a milestone we’re really proud of.”