An updated edition of the Therapeutic Guidelines: Oral and Dental has recently been released. This resource covers a broad range of conditions that are relevant to both dentists and medical practitioners.

Some of the significant changes include:

  • An expanded guide to the common causes and appropriate management of acute dental pain;
  • Clarification of the indications for antibiotic therapy;
  • Addition of photos to assist recognition of common disease of the oral mucosa;
  • Addition of information relating to appropriate treatment modification for patients with complex medical conditions;
  • Expansion of information on medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw to assist risk assessment and the consequent management of at-risk patients;
  • Inclusion of advice for the management of patients at risk of adrenocortical insufficiency;
  • Addition of a table summarising the properties of different local anaesthetics along with example calculations of the maximum dose;
  • Expanded information on the safe use of anxiolysis in the perioperative period. A printable patient information sheet has also been included;
  • Addition of a new section involving the management of peri-implant disease; and
  • Expansion of information to assist medical practitioners in the management of common oral and dental conditions.

If you are currently using an offline form of the Therapeutic Guidelines, it is recommended to download the updated version at your earliest convenience.

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