Frequently asked questions

I was given some discharge medication to take home with me when I left hospital. Why do I need to pay for this?

I have a concession card. Why have I still been charged the full price for
my medication?

I have already paid this account. Why have I received another invoice for the
same amount?

I took all my own regular medication into hospital with me. Why has more of the same medication been dispensed to me, which I now have to pay for?

I have been given an invoice with my discharge medication. How can I make a payment for this?

I have not used the discharge medication that I was prescribed and the packets are still sealed and have not been opened. Am I able to return these to the pharmacy to be credited?

I gave the hospital my concession card / safety net card details. Why has this not been taken into consideration on my bill?

I have a DVA gold card and thought this covered the cost of all my medications?

Who can I contact to receive a prescription record form (PRF)?

I have been charged the full price for one of my regular medications that I usually only pay $6.30 for. You already have my concession card details on file as my other medications have all been charged at the concession rate. Why is this?

How often will I receive an account?

I want to pay my account online using my credit card. How do I know your system
is secure?

Why do I have to provide my CVN number when entering my credit card payment details online?

I have just paid my account online or over the phone. Will I automatically receive
a receipt?

I have received an account from HPS Pharmacies but I have never been into
this hospital?

I didn’t ask for this medication, why have I been charged for it?

What is my medication for?

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