HPS began servicing residential facilities when care was focussed on recreating a ‘home-like’ environment; where medicines were still handled much in the way that grandma used to.

Orders relied on prescriptions as drug charts had not yet been introduced. Facilities devised their own management systems, often using the night staff to pre-load an array of egg cups laid out on kitchen trays. The only dose administration aid used was the Dosette®, which is still available today, however has limited capacity to meet the needs of all patients.

HPS’ research found John Webster, a Canadian with a new and innovative controlled dosing system that provided carers with a secure, pharmacist monitored, and cost effective scheduling system. HPS’ launch of the Webster System into South Australia was ground breaking in improving quality while saving nursing time, becoming the central medicine resource in many facilities, with signatures on the cards as a record of administration.

30 years later, HPS launched mediSACHe, a new dose administration system using bespoke software to manage each patient’s medication profile and track tablet consumption.

MediSACHe provides sophisticated management of complex medicine regimens. Individual sachets streamline the administration of doses even further, while adding the features of detailed labeling and tamper-evident packaging which can be easily separated into individual doses for outings or self-medication.

In 2014, HPS’ proprietary mediSACHe system offers further enhancements to the robotic technology such as tablet recognition to guarantee accuracy, integrated prescribing software, and formulary controls to provide a unique service to the residents of correctional facilities.