HPS Pharmacies has worked with Tasman Oncology Research since 2011 to provide patients access to new medications to treat cancer at Pacific Private Day Hospital and Allamanda Private Hospital.

Clinical trials give many cancer patients the opportunity to receive newly developed treatments which would otherwise be inaccessible. There is a significant time-delay between discovery of these life-saving medicines, registration, and availability on the Government funded Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme; and for cancer sufferers, timely access to treatment is critical.

Patients may also be seeking success when current therapies have failed, or just hoping to contribute to the pool of knowledge about cancer treatment. They are inducted following referral from their current doctors and consideration of their eligibility for trial involvement.

Under the direction of Medical Oncologist Dr Andrew Hill, Tasman Oncology Research has recruited patients, and are conducting trials in the fields of colorectal and prostate cancers (including abiraterone, which you can read about here), as well as several studies into metastatic melanoma.

A recently undertaken randomised, controlled trial saw the world’s first Phase II dose of a novel dual-ligand monoclonal antibody for metastatic colorectal cancer, delivered at the Pacific Private Clinic on the Gold Coast.

HPS – Pacific Private work closely with the oncologists and research coordinators to provide exceptional care for all patients. The medications are prepared and dispensed on-site, allowing a precise, timely, and personalised approach for every patient.