All candidates for Pharmacist Registration must undertake an oral examination to demonstrate their competency, based on standards set out in the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia, November 2010.

As an Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Board Examiner, Sunny Rewal (Partner/Site Manager, HPS – Coburg) participates in the oral examinations in Victoria. The examination is designed to assess the candidate’s knowledge, and his or her ability to apply that knowledge, by making sound judgments in practice situations.

Examiners must ensure the candidates seek to optimise therapy whilst minimising potential risks to the individuals, and do not cause harm to the patients in any of the exam scenarios. Examiners must remain neutral and are unable to provide feedback on the quality of the candidate’s answers during the examination, including not giving any indication whether a question has been sufficiently dealt with.

Sunny has said candidates are generally nervous during the examination, but he tries to ensure they are calm and confident prior to commencement. He also says participation in the AHPRA Board Exams has provided an opportunity to establish networks with peers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. It has also encouraged a deeper commitment to his own professional education, and the reward of contributing to his profession.

With the experience gained, Sunny hopes to contribute to further developing the HPS Pharmacies’ Pharmacist Intern Program. Further instilling high competency will result in an enhanced quality of clinical service provision to all of HPS’ valued clients.