Like many industries, pharmacies are required to undergo accreditation. The Quality Care Pharmacy Programme (QCPP) was introduced nationally in 1998 by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, to ensure services provided to the community are compliant with industry standards. In 2011, the QCPP was recognised as Australian Standard 85000:2011 quality management system for pharmacies in Australia.

The original ten key elements which pharmacies were assessed against have evolved over time, moving away from a dispensing focus, towards being an integral member of a healthcare team and delivering on the professional practice initiatives (PPIs) of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement (5CPA).

Pharmacies are now assessed every two years against eighteen elements ranging from legal and employment obligations through to delivering health programs, services and quality improvement. Each element has a list of actions a pharmacy must be able to demonstrate; a current process, as well as documented evidence to meet the standard.

Today over 90% of pharmacies are accredited across Australia, where these standards have become the framework to ensure a uniform approach of the delivery of service to the community, as well as instilling a culture of continuous quality improvement in the industry.

This year, three HPS Pharmacies sites in South Australia were reaccredited for QCPP and achieved outstanding results; Morgan House (HPS – Alexander Avenue and HPS – Corporate Office) in May and both HPS – Ashford and HPS – St Andrew’s in August.