“Access to Pharmacists is Access to Health”

In the 2014 Image of Professions Survey, pharmacists again share the top three rankings for ethics and honesty with doctors and nurses; more than ten percentage points ahead of the next most highly regarded of 30 professions surveyed in Australia. In fact, pharmacists are the healthcare professionals most accessible to the public in many countries worldwide, earning trust through providing advice as a priority to selling products, with 13% of patients receiving advice only.

This practical demonstration of ‘the responsible use of medicines’, combined with community access, ideally positions pharmacists to help save an estimated USD$500 billion in avoidable worldwide costs each year; 57% of which relates to non-adherence according to the IMS Institute.

HPS Pharmacies is proud to facilitate ‘access to health’ for its diverse patient community through creating innovative solutions to effectively deliver medicines, education, and support from its committed team of 170 pharmacists across Australia.

The theme for today’s World Pharmacist Day (25th September) is ‘access to pharmacists is access to health’. Celebrate it by seeking ‘access’ to your pharmacist.


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