All alprazolam will become Schedule 8 in Australia on Saturday, February 1st 2014, requiring all healthcare facilities (e.g. hospitals) to lock away both stock, and patient supplies, into the drug of dependence cabinet and record tablets in the drug register.

Brand names include:

  • Alprax
  • Alprazolam Sandoz
  • Alprazolam-GA
  • Chemmart Alprazolam
  • GenRx Alprazolam
  • Kalma
  • Ralozam
  • Terry White Chemists Alprazolam
  • Xanax

Valid Schedule 4 prescriptions written prior to February 1st 2014, may still be used for 12 months, but the restrictions of Schedule 8 will now take effect.

To prescribe alprazolam for extended periods (beyond eight weeks) may now require permission, and should reflect the approved indications as follows:

  • Anxiety: The short-term symptomatic treatment of anxiety, including treatment of anxious patients with some symptoms of depression.
  • Panic disorder: The treatment of panic disorder, with or without, some phobic avoidance, and for blocking or attenuation of panic attacks and phobias in patients who have agoraphobia with panic attacks.

This change will have a diverse set of consequences dependent on the area of healthcare in which the medication will be prescribed or administered. For example, dentists in New South Wales will only be approved to prescribe alprazolam to a hospital inpatient, and only for a period of up to one month. Healthcare practitioners should be familiar with the regulations controlling the possession, prescription, and supply of Schedule 8 poisons in each jurisdiction in which they practice.

Please review full product information before prescribing.

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