Following the discontinuation of Duphaston® four years ago for commercial reasons; dydrogesterone has returned to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Dydrogesterone provides a choice in progestogen to offset the risk of endometrial carcinoma from oestradiol, for women with an intact uterus who undertake hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The low doses in Femoston® tablets potentially reduce symptoms of menopause and prevent osteoporosis while minimising adverse effects; although risk reduction with low doses has not yet been confirmed.

A black box warning reminds that increased risks of myocardial infarction, stroke, breast cancer, pulmonary emboli, deep vein thrombosis, and probable dementia as reported by the Women’s Health Initiative in studies of conjugated oestrogens, with or without medroxyprogesterone, should be assumed to be similar. A complete medical and family history should be reviewed prior to commencing treatment along with a physical examination, which should be repeated annually.

Femoston® tablets are available as continuous or cyclical therapy (to maintain menses) as described below:

Femoston® Oral Tablets

Contents Oestradiol Oestradiol + Dydrogesterone Aust R.
Femoston-Conti 1mg/5mg x 28 78654
Femoston 1/10 1mg x 14 1mg/10mg x 14 219882
Femoston 2/10 2mg x 14 2mg/10mg x 14 75889

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