The unusual decision has been made to change two strains of the 2015 influenza vaccine from those in the 2014 vaccine, which had also undergone a double-strain change from 2013.

The 2015 influenza vaccines contain 15 µg HA of inactivated antigen per adult dose derived from the following virus strains:

Influenza A

H1N1: California/7/2009

H3N2: Switzerland/9715293/2013

Influenza B


Quadrivalent vaccines will also include the influenza B strain: Brisbane/60/2008.

The time required to develop, test and distribute the reagents used to assess the vaccines has caused a delay in the Therapeutic Goods Administration approving release by the manufacturers. Consequently, the 2015 Seasonal Influenza Program will be delayed beyond the usual commencement in mid-March.

These significant changes reinforce the need for those who may be considering influenza vaccination, or who are infrequent users, to persist in 2015. Health practitioners can reassure patients that ample supplies of vaccines will be available before the influenza season commences and encourage patients, particularly those at risk, to schedule their vaccination accordingly.

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