Product Notification


HPS Pharmacies wish to advise that Janssen, in consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has given notice of a product notification for Velcade® as follows:

Velcade® 3.5mg Vials
Bortezomib 3.5mg
ARTG 104542

The only affected batches are GJZT700, GJZT701, GJZT800, and GLZSM00.

This product notification has been initiated following some reports of rotating or loose metal caps that retain the rubber stopper following removal of the round plastic flip-top cap. A recall has not been initiated as the issue is unlikely to result in significant adverse health consequences. Healthcare professionals may choose to continue to use an affected vial and take the necessary handling steps to allow for this issue. In all cases, Janssen recommends that the usual cautionary measures be used when handling Velcade® vials.

Although no recall has been initiated, Janssen has requested that all cases are reported to the Janssen Medical Information Department on 1800 226 334.

Retain this notice in a prominent position, including in other related business units for one month. Report any problems identified with medicines, vaccines or medical devices to the TGA.

Information regarding expected dates for supply may vary subject to delays which are out of our control. HPS Pharmacies does not accept responsibility for such changes but will endeavour to keep our clients updated as information is made available from drug manufacturers or wholesalers.

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