Product Availability


HPS Pharmacies wish to advise of supply shortages of Otodex® and Sofradex® otic drops, 8mL. A manufacturing problem has interrupted deliveries to Sanofi-aventis Australia, and stocks are now exhausted.

Stock is expected to be available again for distribution by mid December.

Alternative products which may be selected in the interim include:

PBS Anti-infective and Corticosteroid otic drops


Soframycin® Otocomb Otic®
Kenacomb Otic®


1 x 8mL (2 Rpts) 1 x 8mL (2 Rpts) 1 x 7.5mL (2 Rpts)


0.05% (500 microgram/mL)
triamcinolone acetonide
0.1% (1 mg/mL)
framycetin sulfate
0.5% (5 mg/mL)
framycetin sulfate
0.5% (5 mg/mL)
neomycin sulfate
0.25% (2.5 mg/mL)
0.005% (50 microgram/mL)
0.025% (250 microgram/mL)
nystatin 100 000 iu/mL


Maxidex® Eye Drops contain double the concentration of dexamethasone at 0.1% (1mg/mL) and are not indicated for use as otic drops. There is no shortage of Soframycin® Eye/Ear drops at this time, and no preparations contain gramicidin alone.

Please retain this notice in a prominent position, including other related business units as a reminder for all staff members until stock availability has returned to normal.

Report any problems identified with medicines, vaccines or medical devices to the TGA.

Should you require further information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact your pharmacist at HPS Pharmacies.

Information regarding expected dates for supply may vary subject to delays which are out of our control. HPS Pharmacies does not accept responsibility for such changes but will endeavour to keep our clients updated as information is made available from drug manufacturers or wholesalers.

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