Drug Availability

HPS Pharmacies wish to give notice that all manufacturers are experiencing a supply interruption for metronidazole for injections as follows:

Brand Presentation ARTG Expected date of return
Metronidazole Baxter Solution for Injection 500mg/100mL bag 165164 31st December 2018
DBL Metronidazole Intravenous Infusion 500mg/100mL bag 129476 28th June 2019
Metronidazole Sandoz IV 500mg/100mL bag 118321 Discontinued

Metronidazole is a nitroimadazole antimicrobial with excellent oral bioavailability. An oral formulation of metronidazole may be appropriate to consider for conditions such as pneumonia and some skin and soft tissue infections. Many trials also demonstrate the safety of switching to oral antibiotics after two to three days of IV treatment in patients who are clinically stable. The advice of an Infectious Disease Physician should be sought for alternative options in individual cases.

If an oral formulation is considered appropriate, the tablets offer higher bioavailability compared to the oral liquid. Metronidazole oral liquid should be administered at least one hour before meals to maximise absorption. Oral tablets may be administered with food to reduce stomach upset.

Retain this notice in a prominent position, including in other related business units until supplies return to normal. Report any problems identified with medicines, vaccines or medical devices to the TGA.

Should you require further information regarding this matter, please contact your pharmacist at HPS Pharmacies.


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