Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of lubricating eye drops available on the market. Hylo®-Fresh and Hylo-Forte® provide an option for patients looking for an eye drop that best suits their needs.

Hylo®-Fresh and Hylo-Forte® eye drops are unscheduled and may be purchased over the counter. However they have also been made available through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for the treatment of severe dry eye syndrome. An authority prescription is required such that the patient must be sensitive to preservatives in multi-dose eye drops to qualify for it.

Hylo®-Fresh and Hylo-Forte® eye drops contain the active ingredient sodium hyaluronate; a hydrophilic polysaccharide that is highly viscous in water. Upon instillation, it adheres to the ocular surface and creates a stable and moist film over the eye. This film improves the retention, and decreases the evaporation, of tears. Hylo®-Fresh (0.1% sodium hyaluronate) is suitable for mild to moderate dry eyes while Hylo-Forte®, being more concentrated at 0.2%, is recommended for severe or chronic dry eyes, or for post-operative use. Hylo-Forte® does not momentarily cloud the vision on instillation as paraffin eye ointment does.

The dose is delivered via a unique continuous mono dose system (COMOD®). The COMOD® system is designed to deliver a measured volume with each application; this ensures a guaranteed delivery of at least 300 drops from the 10mL bottle.

The COMOD® system maintains sterility by protecting the solution from contaminated air, thus extending the expiry after opening to six months. As the eye drops do not contain preservatives, they are ideal for patients with severe dry eye syndrome or punctal occlusions. They are also suitable for use with all types of contact lenses. The drops are citrate buffered and phosphate free. This eliminates the risk of cornea damaging precipitation, as phosphate can interact with calcium released from irritated corneal cells to form insoluble crystals.

The COMOD® device is easy to use. It can be an alternative for those with dexterity issues, such as patients with osteoarthritis or Parkinson’s disease. The patient should hold the bottle upside down with their thumb on the shoulder of the bottle and index and/or third finger on the base. The head should be tilted, and the lower eye lid slightly pulled down with the free hand. The drop is instilled by simply applying pressure to the bottom of the bottle.

Figure 1. Instillation technique for COMOD® System. Adapted with permission from AFT Pharmaceuticals.


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