Public Hospitals

HPS’ network of pharmacies has been involved in the provision of pharmaceuticals and clinical services to private hospitals for over 40 years, at numerous sites around Australia. Our network of pharmacies have extensive experience in the public sector, servicing over 500 hospital beds across Australia including large metropolitan hospitals, large regional hospitals and remote Government health services. Additionally, HPS’ network of pharmacies provides pharmacy services to private hospitals co-located with public hospitals.

In addition to our network of pharmacies’ comprehensive and tailored pharmacy services including dispensing, imprest management, compounding, pharmaceutical product supply, and clinical pharmacy services (including accreditation support), HPS offers:

Tailored Service Models

HPS’ network of pharmacies offers a specialised blend of industry knowledge, innovation and quality service that is tailored to ensure the highest degree of integrated patient care in full support of the client’s commercial needs.

Service models can include on-site pharmacy services, pharmacy management on behalf of the hospital, and off-site services.

Client Support Services

Our experienced team provides critical support and advice, in accordance with best practice standards, including, but not limited to, staff education, ACHS accreditation, incident and risk management, and participation in drug and therapeutic committees.

Tailored Reporting

Our extensive range of reports are all inclusive, covering clinical and risk, quality of service, and financial performance. HPS’ exclusive in-house reporting platforms allow us to tailor the detailed report suite to our client’s needs.

Clinical Trials

Our network of pharmacies has extensive experience in a range of clinical trials and are highly skilled in all aspects of the provision of clinical trial pharmacy services.

Quality Improvement Initiatives

We use innovation to deliver workable solutions to daily operational challenges faced by hospital staff, through our quality improvement programs.

Other services and benefits HPS can provide to your hospital include:

  • Health fund management
  • Competitive prices
  • Access to an on-call pharmacy for emergency situations
  • Streamlined ordering systems

Interested in further information about HPS’ public hospital pharmacy service offering?

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General Manager, Business Development
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