HPS’ network of pharmacies have been involved in the provision of pharmaceuticals and clinical services to cancer centres for almost three decades, at numerous sites around Australia. HPS’ network of pharmacies employs specialised oncology pharmacists, with a pool of trained staff working within the business who are all proficient at managing cancer practices. With a unique understanding of the sensitivities involved with cancer patients, we offer a tailored and responsive approach that has been developed through our unique knowledge and experience in oncology practice.

HPS’ network of pharmacies can tailor a service to meet your private hospital pharmacy needs, offering:

Oncology and Aseptic Services

Oncology Services featuring the back up of a large division whose expertise is solely devoted to the treatment of cancer. HPS’ network of pharmacies offer a complete chemotherapy management system, including a responsive compounding service and emergency on demand service. In addition, HPS’ network of pharmacies have extensive experience in the preparation of cytotoxic medication, and offer a service designed to identify the most cost-effective approach.

Imprest / Pharmacy Stock Management

A range of imprest management services, minimising the cost of storing stock and promoting more timely management of stock levels.

Clinical Trials

HPS’ network of oncology staff have extensive experience in a range of clinical trials and are highly skilled in all aspects of the provision of clinical trial pharmacy services.

Dispensing Services

Dispensing services catering for all adjuvant therapy such as pain relief tablets and anti-emetics that may be required as part of a patient’s treatment regime.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

HPS’ network of pharmacies’ experienced team of clinical pharmacists provides critical advice about drug interactions, dosages and potential adverse drug reactions, endorsing the Quality Use of Medicines.

In addition, HPS provides accreditation support including advice regarding changes in legislation and regulations

Interested in further information about HPS’ oncology pharmacy service offering?

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Tin HuynhTin Huynh
General Manager, Business Development
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Alternatively, click here for a printable version of HPS’ network of pharmacies’ Oncology Services brochure.